Habiganj District at a Glance:

Habiganj, having a total area of 2,636.58 sq km, is a district under Sylhet division and situated in the north-eastern part of Bangladesh. At present, the administrative work of Habigonj district police is going by nine police stations, four circles, three investigation centers, three river side police camps, two town outposts, five outposts, one international border checkpost and one In-service training center. The police stations are Habiganj, Madhobpur, Chunarughat, Bahubol, Lakhai, Nabiganj, Baniachang, Ajmeriganj and Shayestaganj. The district police is divided into four circles. They are Habiganj, Baniachang, Madhabpur, Bahubal. In Habiganj district there are seventy eight (78) Union Parishads and six (6) Pourasavas.

The Habiganj district is one of the natural gas-enriched districts in Bangladesh. Among the spectacular places of Habiganj district the most popular places are Sea Lake of kamalarani at Baniachang, Maharatna Zamindar Bari, Prong-pawn and bitangala Akhra, Satchari National Park, Sribari tea garden and Chunarughat Remakalenga Wildlife Safe Forest etc.