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Warm greetings to you for visiting Sylhet Range Police Website. I, on behalf of all the members of Sylhet Range Police, would like to welcome you to the holy land of Hazrat Shahjalal (R) and Hazrat Shahporan (R).


Our website is just one way of showing you the sense of pride, professionalism and dedication that the members of the Sylhet Range Police strive to achieve everyday. I hope these pages will provide you useful and current information about Sylhet Range Police and the services we currently provide.


There are some special features of this Range which makes this region quite different from other parts of Bangladesh. The scenic beauty of tea gardens, rivers, resorts, Haor (wetland), swamp forest, fountains, stone quarry, beautiful tourist spots etc made this area more attractive to the people of Bangladesh.


Sylhet is the home of several hundred thousands of expatriates living in the UK, the USA and other countries. This region is enriched with mineral resources like natural gas which is key source of energy sector in Bangladesh.


The prime duty of police is to prevent and detect crime, maintain law and order which is being done through some innovative ideas. We are duty bound to uphold law without fear or favor and provide a sense of security to the people. I strongly believe that with the co-operation of my esteemed colleagues and continuous support from the society, Sylhet Range police would be setting a new benchmark of excellence in professional standards.


As you browse our web page, I encourage you to contact me with ideas you might have about police department, matters you feel would be interest to others. My goal is to make our website a good source of information for our citizens and visitors of our community. It is my firm belief that people of Sylhet Range will be highly benefitted from this website.


We are for the community. We want to win the trust and confidence of the people through our actions, works and conduct. It is our hope that peoples of this range will work with as in a partnership to make this region entirely crime free and safe for all.


Sha Migan Shafiur Rahman, BPM (Bar), PPM
Deputy Inspector General (DIG)
Sylhet Range
Bangladesh Police, Sylhet