Moulvibazar District at a Glance:

In the year 1984 Moulovibazar subdivision was upgraded as a district. It is a district to the north-east of Bangladesh. It is surrounded by Sylhet district in the north, Habigonj district in the west and Assam and Tripura in the east and south respectively. The main rivers of the district are the Manu, the Dholoi and the Juri which flow from India. There are seven police stations, three Circles, three Checkposts, three Outposts, one Investigation Center and one BDR liaison. The police stations are Moulovibazar, Sreemongol, Komolgonj, Rajnagar, Kulaura, Borolekha and Juri. The Circles are Moulovibazar Sadar, Kulaura and Sreemongol. In Moulvibazar district there are sixty seven (67) Union Parishads and five (5) Pourasavas.

Madhabkunda waterfall at Barlekha and Ham Ham waterfall at Kamalgonj are among the enchanting places of the district. Hakaluki Haor, Hail Haor, Madhobpur Lake, Bilashchhara Lake, Lawachara National Park in Kamalganj Upazila are the most attractive places in the district. There are ninety seven (97) Tea gardens in Moulvibazar. Every day a large number of local and foreign tourists come to this district to enjoy the natural beauty.