Open House Day

The Open House Day plays a pivotal role in making police accountable to people and in ensuring participation of commoners in policing and helps to maintain law and order and curb crimes .Open House Day was introduced in 2007 through the Police Reform Program(PRP) under the Community Policing Policy. Police hold the day once a month with commoners and people get chance of talking directly to their respective police stations about their problems.

Allegations of various types of social crimes such as torture on women and children, dowry, drug trading, extortion, and harassment of commoners by the police usually dominates the Open House Day discussion. The system has been introduced aimed at ensuring police-people participation in all the social issues including checking crimes. The police headquarters has directed all concerned to remain alert so that no criminal could get involved in the program.

According to the direction from Police Headquarters, all the police stations in Sylhet Range have been asked to hold the Open House Day once a month. where senior officials are supposed to be present there.