Victim Support Center

Women are half of total human being. If men represent one part, women also represent the other part. Present situation is not quite compatible to ensure the equality and equity of the women. Everyday women and children are becoming victim of various crimes like domestic violence, trafficking, sexual harassment or rape and they are also deprived from other respective facilities. In society, working place, vehicle or even in family women face violence and discrimination. It impacts negatively to the whole society. In order to address the issue of violence against women rampant in Bangladesh society, victim support center is a ground breaking initiative of Bangladesh Police.VSC started its journey from 17th February, 9 with the help of Police Reform Program in Tejgaon Police Station Compound in Dh200aka Metropolitan Police (DMP). Victim Support Center has come into contact with 10 collaborating NGOs for providing service to the victim of violence.

At present there are eight Victim Support Center(VSC)s are operating under direct supervision of Bangladesh Police. Victim Support Center in Sylhet is located in Kotowali Police Station of Sylhet Metropolitan Police (SMP) from where any victim ( child or woman) of this range can take necessary support and assistance.