Child Affairs Desk

According to section 13 of “ The Children Act-2013” a Child Affairs Desk headed by a “Child Affairs Police Officer” (CAPO), not below the rank of Sub-Inspector has been established in every Police stations of Sylhet Range. It is also provided that if there is a female Sub-Inspector working in the concerned police station, she shall be given priority while assigning responsibilities of the Child Affairs Desk.

The responsibilities and functions of CAPO’s are ,

  • to maintain separate files and registers for the case concerning children;
  • if any child comes or is brought to the Police station-
    1. to inform the Probation Officer;
    2. to inform the parents of the child or, in the absence of both of them, the guardian or the authority in supervision of the child, or legal or lawful guardian or, as the case may be, any member of the extended family, and to notify them about the date of producing the child before the court along with detailed information;
    3. to provide immediate mental support;
    4. to arrange for first aid and, if necessary, to send the child to a clinic or hospital;
    5. to take necessary measures to meet the basic needs of the child;
  • to ensure that the age of the child is being determined correctly or in determining the age, the birth registration certificate of the child or other reliable documents relevant thereto are taken into consideration;
  • upon joint assessment with the Probation Officer regarding the allegations brought against the child, to take diversionary measures or to arrange for bail after assessing the possibility thereof;
  • if it is not possible to undertake diversion or release the child on bail due to any reason, to arrange for placement in a Safe Home before producing the child in the court for the first time;
  • at every month to send all information of child related cases in prescribed form to the Probation Officer and to the Police Head Quarters through Superintendent of Police and, where applicable, to the District Legal Aid Committee;
  • to discharge such duties as may be prescribed by rules; and
  • to undertake such other measures as may be required to discharge the aforesaid functions.